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Welcome to TEAHOUSE, a lifestyle newsletter about home, travel, and gathering. Here you’ll find renovation documentation and destination inspiration alongside a curation of things I’m creating, consuming, and coveting right now.

Meet Teresa

  • I’m a former tech marketer and an author, a travel writer, a real estate investor, and a design-lover. I’ve written for Travel & Leisure, CNN, and Glamour and have been featured on NPR, The New Yorker, and the Wall Street Journal. I’m also a professional dabbler who will try most things once or twice, even if spectacularly bad at them (see: krav maga, pottery-throwing, ice fishing). 

  • I’m a California native but spent what I’d consider to be my truly formative years in New York, a city that will forever have my heart, as well as all the money I made in my 20s. 

  • My husband and I met in Japan in 2015 (my recommendations here!) before relocating together to Colorado, where we currently live with our two minidoodle pups, Steve and Cleo. We split our time between a townhouse in Denver and a cabin in Grand Lake, a little town just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park that’s ripe for a Hallmark movie.  

It is a gift for someone to spend time with my words when you could be scrolling dogTok, so very genuinely, thank you, thank you for being here. If you’d like to stay in touch, you can find me on the gram.


PS: I may receive a small commission for purchases made through my links! I only share things that I love and recommend.

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Teresa Wu

A newsletter about all things home, travel, and gathering in Colorado and beyond. Currently renovating a 1970s cabin on the lake.